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The Writings and Poetry of Tony Thomas
                 Tony  Thomas

Tony Thomas was born in England in 1939, and is a retired bureaucrat living in Brisbane, Australia. He has an Australian wife, two adult daughters, a dog and a cat. He holds a degree in economics from the University of Queensland. His interests are catholic, and include: writing fiction, poetry, and political diatribes to the newspapers. Other abiding interests include political and social philosophy, with occasional forays into logic and the foundations of mathematics.  His politics are left wing anarchism, but his activities are restricted to the pen rather than the sword. Tony is actually a well known poet, writer, mathematician and logician  of some stature, though he modestly  complains that on the contrary,  he is not only obscure  -  but unknown, and should probably be described as such. On this website his prose pieces and poems attract an increasing number of regular readers - so I reckon he is wrong for once - enjoy. ( Editor.)


In the beginning was the awesome word,

Medium and message in a single breath,

A sign signifying nothing is absurd,

Born out of emptiness and living death.

The formless, unknowing, without a name,

Declaimed and turned to see its other face,

And seeing the tree within the seed became

Afraid of hanging in that dreadful place.

A scion sprang from this stygian cord,

Luminous child born of eternal rock,

And in the mirror of itself adored

The gloomy darkness of its primal stock.

A unity of number, space and time,

The hub and panoply of everything

That was, is and ever shall be; sublime,

Incomparable, supernal being.

The first error was carelessly to trade

The perfect darkness of the plenum void

For a prison of brightness unalloyed;

That act of making cannot be unmade.

When bright self learns of its darker brother

A fateful dichotomy leads to war,

Strife and rejection, each of the other,

Dividing Heaven from its Hellish shore.