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A few billion years ago a virus arrived or emerged from the primeval soup of early earth and now reigns supreme among the species we call homo sapiens sapiens, This virus has managed to infiltrate itself into all recesses of the planet and has control of the planet’s future. Among the more preposterous claims of this virus is that it KNOWS things about the world and the cosmos and even about its own composition. It has created a vast lexicon of concepts which hold that there is such are such things as meaning and truth, and these give rise to the great presumption of knowledge about things we see, feel, touch, hear, and taste and create great formulae regarding what they are and what they can create as to those terms: meaning and truth. Without those crutches of investigation, there is no structure, and all falls down as to some end result regarding the state of our species and that of the cosmos. If we attempt to stand off at some temporal and spatial distance from what and where we are [using our wonderful virus endowed strengths of imagination] we find either a fantastic universe of explainable matter, fields, forces, time and space, or we might, with some suspension of our virus-given hubris, find nothing. We tend to find what we wish to find – what we are programmed to find via the little secret equations of our make up – like the magic and secret make ups of our cells that do nothing more than keep us alive for no purpose other than that of the original virus. We even seek to find that original purpose, seeking to find what has been called the Theory of Everything [TOE.] Why is this? It is a simple matter: We have managed to create a set of beliefs and concepts that lead us down a particular path. Where do such beliefs and concepts come from? Of course, they come from the original structure of the virus – a relatively simple thing – a thing that only strives to exist. It is the existence virus. It will move toward whatever can keep it going – be it language, invention, technology, space travel, etc. and even the introspective dreams of artists and musicians. It is a thirsty and voracious virus. It will strive to kill all that gets in its path – even endangering its host, the earth, so along as there is some escape to another place.

The virus does not care about you or me. It cares only about moving along and surviving. If you help it, by whatever means, you may be safe, but do not count on it. Yes, there is a teleology at work – the mission of the virus to keep going. I wonder what the rest of the cosmos feels about this little monster?



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