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The Metafizzical Essays of Nicholas Hancock
The Poet of Despair
Published by The British Hancock Society
with the permission of the author.

Life fizzes like a firework into the night, releasing spores of coloured lights that quickly die as they fall to the ground. This is fizzics. Metafizzics, on the other hand, transcends the firework: it relates to the hand that ignites the fuse. It schweppes us along with cascading, breaking bubbles, each one alert to its own brevity and observing that of others around it with a curious inwardness.  The realm of metafizzics is also that of poetry and theology. If it loses some of its fizz, shake the bottle well before use.

The Almighty CrutchThe Anatomy of Deception
Before the BeginningTwo Cheers for Cowardice
The Enduring WitnessGod's Diary
NecrosisTowards the Circumference
Lying Down with LeopardsCrazy Old Aunt
                   Back to Basics            Robbing Peter to Pay Tony & Gord
Grasping at Eschuteons 'I Gotta Use Words...'      
The Old PortraitThe NHS: an Obituary      
Blair's Secret Weapon    The Tremulous Upper-Lip
In Skin Did My Mother Conceive MeA Nation of Flopkeepers
Life As a Spectator SportThe Geriatric Theory of Relativity