Jud Evans


Jud Evans lives in Lancashire England and is married and has eight children. He is the author of many articles, primarily on the subjects of ontology and linguistic philosophy.

There is no such occurrence as time. The now is all. The semblance of the past is purely the brain presenting modalities of the cosmos sustaining a visual or remembered repository of altered metamorphic representations.

The illusion is induced by the widely divergent relative speeds of degeneration and existential reorganisation [change] in various materials. The pencil on my desk, if kept in a dark airless draw, away from the destructive effects of oxygen, moisture and ultra violet rays, would continue to undergo modal change, but the rate of molecular dissolution would slow and the macro conglomerate would retain its outward appearance longer.

A dead mouse soon putrefies - the organism quickly deteriorates and becomes suffused into the forest floor, its nutriments dissipated and ingested by scavengers, insects and bacteria - its molecules redistributed within that corner of the cosmos that is the forest floor. The constituent elements of the mouse have hastened through a plangent of metamorphic change as a time-lapse camera demonstrates - but each phase in the decomposition is a present change of modality and does not become a past - for there is no past.

The camera that takes the photos of the decomposing mouse is undergoing molecular change too - but ALWAYS in the present - the oxidisation of its metal parts - the varying co-efficient rates of degeneration of its plastic components simply change their existential states at different rates - but ALWAYS in the present. The camera used on Monday to photograph the rotting corpse is not the same camera used on Tuesday to take more shots, for there is a constant change of atomic patterning - molecules of matter swapping places with energy flows to the terpsichorean circular dance of moving fingers of manmade clocks altering their modalities to rhythmical ticks.

Strictly speaking clocks do not tell us the 'time' - they indicate the the angular position of the earth in relation to the sun plus or minus any ajustments made for British Summer Time. When we ajust our clocks and put them 'forward' or 'back' we are not altering 'time' - for 'time' does not exist. Clocks with their preset moving hands or digits merely point to the changing spatial modalities of heavenly bodies, predictable positional planetary trajectories and perceptions of astral states gleaned from observationary flight-deck of the ever-changing modal spinning ball of planet earth by our ancestors.

When we think that we think of the past we are ransacking our present neurone configuration for stored images of an illusionary 'past' - but we are thinking in the present and the retrieved images are being accessed and imaged in the present. Our imagined past selves are manifestations of ever-altering presencing - fleeting disposable modal templates of alternative configurations of a molecular cumulate.

The future? No such thing - merely predictions concerning modification based on the observation of present modes. And what is 'change?' Change is action and reaction of modality re-configuration. There is no such thing as time - time is an illusion. This is why the misrepresentation of the "is" word was such a body blow to philosophy - it turned our attention away from the ever-present modality of material reality to that of a tripartite perplexity of retrospective past, fleeting present, and a potential future. There is no 'potential' of the future - but only an altered present. Time is the activity of energy/matter.