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The Poetry & Writings of
Richard Sansom

Published by The British Sansom Society

"I am forced to think about love,
what it isn't - to think about dreams,suspicions and regrets, as well as honest thoughts that get thrown out with the garbage."

Richard Sansom has written poetry since he was fifteen, and has published in several magazines over the years. He lives with his wife Lilly and their five cats in northern California.

The British Sansom Society
comprises of a small group of Britsh admirers of his poetry which since it has been accessible on the internet is gradually becoming more widely acclaimed. He is now known and appreciated more not only for his poetry, but also for his contributions to philosophy.

Those who wish to know more about Richard Sansom - the man and his poetry - are free to e-mail me for more information at

Jud Evans. Hon Sec.
The British Sansom Society,
Lancashire, England