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Everyone's got a mite to contribute to the general mass of knowledge - to reflect upon  and record  the way that things have registered with them along the way. Each of us has a particular and unique view of events. We've as much right as anybody else to register an opinion before we leave this mortal coil - so here are a few writings of my own and others. I've tried to write it straightforwardly for I'm long past the stage of trying to impress people - it's too late for that anyway. Originally this section was designed to publish just my own writings, but I have decided to change it to include the poetry and writings of other people whose work I admire. As I have just decided to do this, it might appear that my own writings predominate, but as more work by others begins to appear the section should achieve more balance.

Brigantes Gwrach Gore Vidal
Rooks America!  America!  Brush with Aleister Crowley
Olle Goude [one] Olle Goude [two] Nancy
Requiem Lily Chavez Dilemma of Metaphysics
Florilegium Does Madness Exist? Animal Welfare - And Rights
Descartes versus Locke Aldo Leopold's Land Ethic The Entiative Brain
Much Ado About Nothing Could a Robot Experience Qualia? Madman
Nominalist View of Heidegger Why I Hate Heidegger Pigeonhole Philosophy
Ontological Ignorance Do Robot's Have Minds? Does Simple Presence Exist?
Eliminative Determinism Omelas - Walk or Stay? .Bewitched by 'Time'
. A Letter to the Aliens .

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